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Loïc Lecomte
Junior Technical Level Designer 

I'm focusing on rational level design. From the paper protoptype to the final form, through blocking, scripting and play-testing.

Demo reel

Personnal Projects


Multiplayer Map for Team Fortress 2 with King of the will and capture points gamemode.

- Made in 35 days

- Made with Hammer

Icon_Portal 2.png

Portal 2

Map during a internal contest with friends.

- Made in 2 months 

- Made with hammer


Fast-FPS setup in the south of France during the roman empire
End of the year project made in 9 months by a team of 12 developers.

- Semi-Linear Fast FPS

- Made with Unreal Engine 4

Icon_Unreal tournament.png

Unreal Tournament

Capture the flag map design for 3vs3 players​ made with the Unreal tornament SDK

- Made in 20 days

- Made with the Unreal Development Kit


Half-Life : Alyx - Blockoctober

Map made during the Blocktober 2021 to discover how source 2 work and to see the difference between Hammer and Hammer 2

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