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Team Fortress 2 - Diamond

Project : Diamond

Game: Team Fortress 2

Statut: Polish

Gamemode : King of the hill/Captures points


  • Create a map shaped like a triangle

  • Focus on the verticality 

  • Mix closed and open areas to vary the gameplay for each class

  • Propose a dense level to encourage group dynamics.


Paper prototype

Before starting the blocking on Hammer, I made several sketches to design the layout in adequation with the gameplay of each class. 

After several tries, I settled for a diamond shape:

  • The map is symmetrical to respect the other levels of team fortress 2

  • It’s easier for new players to not get lost if there are in the enemy’s territory

  • The spawn of each team is physically close but separated by an impassable wall.

At the start, I was focused on the King Of The Hill (KOTH) game mode:

  • Because it’s a game mode that I’m comfortable with

  • It’s easy to make playtest on it because rounds don't last long  

Molecule Level

Before starting the blocking

  • I increased the size of the map to be more polyvalent. 

  • I added a new game mode on it, capture points

  • I made the molecule level to see the various traffic junctions.

The molecule draft brings me a global vision of the map and saves me time before starting the blocking.

Map TF2.png

Top View 


The map is divided in 3 main paths

  • To bring several ways to attack for the players

  • To avoid the map to be to labyrinthic

  • Each of the axes favors a different approach (short, medium and long range)


To facilitate the player navigation, each axis had several accesses:

  • It dynamises traffic flows by allowing them to change paths

  • Players can surprise their opponents and attack them from the rear


Use of gameplay mechanics

Each control points are designs to uses characters’ mechanics:

  • The central control point is based on the verticality with it 3 floors

  • Interior spaces are useful for middle and short-range weapons like the Pyro’s flamethrower or the Heavy’s minigun

  • The pit is for the Pyro to airblast enemies into and kill them instantly.

  • The 3 floor levels can be used for rocket jumping

  • Stairs can be used for the Spy to do trickstabs 

  • Lateral points promote long-range weapons

  • Covers are clearly defining with low walls 

  • Soldiers and Demomans can easily travel with rocket jumps

  • The surrounding platforms allow Scouts to jump everywhere

  • Open-areas help snipers

  • The Heavy can defend/attack while protecting himself behind walls

  • The last control points are asymmetrical fights, attackers have more access, but defenders are close

  • Spawns are spaced to avoid spawnkill

  • Fenders around the point are used to break the snipers’ line of sight.

  • Walls protect:

    • Engineers’ buildings their sentries 

    • Medics healing their mates

  • Lateral axles help the Spies infiltrate the defences.


During the production, I made several playtests for improve the map

  • They were made with around 12 players
  • Based on 2 sessions of 1 hours 30 minutes on each game modes

You can find the documents below


Control points heatmap



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