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Unreal Tournament 3 - Penrose

Project : Penrose

Game : Unreal Tournament 3

Statut : Finish

Gamemode : Capture the flag


  • Design a map focus on non-stop action

  • Focus on the verticality

  • Offer high risk, high reward system

Design choice

I wanted to create a level with a original layout, this is why I started with a global form shape as a triangle.

Because Unreal Tournament (UT) is fast-FPS focus on quick decision, I decided to create a compact map to favorise encounter.

Furthermore, I create a 2 levels layout with jumper and holes to increase the verticality.

Finally, I based the item placement on the concept of risk/reward. For exemple, if you take the rocket launcher, you risk to be vulnerable against the shock rifle during few seconds.


Top view

The map is divided in 3 areas each of these are focus on one type of weapon :

  • The spawns for the link rifle 

  • The factory area for the rocket launcher

  • The cave for the shock rifle

The Spawns

To avoid unbalanced match, the spawns are mirrored. They are also designed to favorize close range combat thanks to pillars and narrow spaces. As the player starts with the link gun, it’s easier for them to kill opponents that have the rail gun or the rocket launcher.

The stairs are a shortcut to steal the flag easily. Nonetheless, the enemy team have the advantage of the high ground and it’s easier for them to kill you with the rocket launcher or the shock rifle.

The teleporter allows you to jump directly into the battlefield, but the enemy team can also use it to escape you, so it’s a double-edge sword.


The Factory

Large open-area design for long distant fight, there are platforms that can be used as vantage points with the rocket launcher.

There are 3 access to this area, The first two are the spawns and the last one is the teleporter. It allows players to join the battlefield quickly and surprise enemies.

Armor can be found but take it turn you into an easy target with the rocket launcher due to the narrow space around the armor. It’s a high-risk, high-reward system.

The hole in the middle of the map allows the player to go into the cave easily. Furthermore, they can use it to surprise opponent that wants reach the flag with the stairs.


The Cave

The Cave is an open-area surround by long corridor, its main design for the shock rifle. The player can access this area through the spawn stairs or in falling from the factory.

The player can find the shock rifle near cliff that means that they can be pushed into the void if they try to get this weapon.   



During the production, I made several playtests for improve the map

  • They were made with 6 players

  • Based on sessions of 30 minutes

You can find the documents on the side (french)

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